New single, Hands Together, now available on all major streaming platforms.

A raw, deeply honest song about unanswered prayers.  Dedicated to anyone who has grieved the loss of hope.

"With a melody of misery melded with an earnest vulnerability behind the lyrics and softly-sang vocals, Hands Together evokes a melancholic mood that spell-bindingly tethers itself straight to the heart."

-Kaleidoscopic Melodics

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Kissing Thieves - Hands Together - Stefanie Fields

"Raw, honest, and truly captivating!"

-LA Music Review

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"I want to listen to it again and listen carefully to every word. This piece seems to gradually open up, becoming deeper and more attractive, and perhaps the loss of hope gives more confidence in itself."

-Indie Boulevard

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Debut single, Old Ass White Men, available on all major streaming platforms.

A fiery anthem that calls out the old ass mentality that continues to drag our country back instead of guiding her forward.

Kissing Thieves blasted out of the gate with their first single, Old Ass White Men.  A song born from rage marched its way right into a movement.  The bold, unapologetic lyrics embody the emotions many in the US have been feeling in the current political climate.  This Dylanesque, impassioned song serves as a fierce rallying cry in support of Women's Rights, LGTBQ, and BLM.

Old Ass White Men was in rotation on Seattle Wave Radio and premiered at the Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood abortion rights benefit in downtown Bellingham.


“It rocks my soul, reinforces my philosophy, and validates my life experiences.”


Roberta Spark, Feminist Advocate for Justice & Equality

“Gutsy and beautifully made… Powerful and haunting.”

Andy Gamble, Highly Opinionated British Musician