Authentic lyrics and evocative sound to nourish your mind and soul.

Kissing Thieves is a folk rock band from Bellingham, WA, formed when singer-songwriter Stefanie Fields went “F*** it” and finally ran after her rockstar dreams.  Fate partnered her with Jonathan Meader, a guitarist and singer with a professional background in performance arts.  Things flowed right into place with their combined talent and light-hearted nature.

With a respectful nod to Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, and numerous classic others, Kissing Thieves draws forward a reminiscent energy of authenticity and purpose.  Their lyrics often speak of self-discovery, independence, empowerment, and claiming one's experience.  "I don't write pouty love songs," said Fields, "That's just not where I'm at."

Experienced music reviewers from the US and Europe have described Kissing Thieves’ original songs as gutsy, beautiful, raw, and captivating.

At live performances, you can expect to see stripped down acoustic sets that are genuine, sweet, and a little sexy.

Kissing Thieves - Stefanie Fields and Jonathan Meader
Kissing Thieves - Stefanie Fields

Stefanie Fields


Stefanie Fields quietly wrote songs for years and was too afraid to share them.  Fear, comparison, and imposter syndrome kept her music locked inside.  Tired of carrying them around in silence, she finally got the gumption she needed to step forth into her biggest dream.  Kissing Thieves is the result of unbridled bravery, trust, and several leaps of faith.

Fields is also a Certified Hypnotherapist, entrepreneur, and 4-time children's book author.  Information about her books and advocacy work can be found here: www.stefaniebooks.com

Kissing Thieves - Jonathan Meader

Jonathan Meader

Singer & Guitarist

Bio coming soon...

Zach Miller

Zach Miller

Recording Engineer

Zach Miller is the magnificence behind the music.  The songs of Kissing Thieves wouldn't exist without his high-caliber skill, brilliance, patience, and vision. 

"Zach's talent level is ridiculous," praised Fields.  "We've gotta make the most of him before he flies back to whichever planet he came from."